Lazy Baking: Blondies and Oatmeal Banana Cookies!

Summer Baking

I was laying around (quite literall) and got the sudden urge to whip something up and bake it. Took a look into my pantry and decided it would need to be a very simple recipe. Thats where beautiful All Recipes comes into hand. Took a look at their desserts page and found these two awesome recipes!

Blonde Brownies

Sorry for the not so great lighting, these were taken with my phone 😛
This is basically a huge chocolate chip cookie, its delicious. I hope to have this with the cookies during tea time with my sis and dad. Woo hoo!


Banana Oatmeal Cookies

If you like banana and cinnamon with a good deal of oatmeal then you have to try these!

I cut the sugar back in the recipe to only 1/2 cup because my bananas were on the riper side and I didn’t quite measure how much mashed banana I added I simply took the two large bananas I had and added that.

They look a little funky when baked, I expected them to expand but they just did a little. If you want a flatter cookie I suggest you flatten it out when placing them on the baking sheet. 

My first batch of cookies burned a little on the bottom, so I had to lower the heat from 400 to 375 😦 but they were still soft!

Enjoy ^__^


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