InnisFree Neon Color Pot Rouge Review and Swatches

Spring is in full swing and Summer is upon us!!! That means bright colors galor. Which in term means a happy Ashley *__*
I was in the mood for some color bases and low and behold I had an Innisfree near me. I didn’t want to spend too much (sorry MAC) so this was my best shot. 
I saw these a couple of month ago and resisted the urge to buy all of them, and well this past weekend I kinda fulfilled my fantasy.
There are 4 colors in this line and I purchased : 
#2 Cherry Pink
#3 Fresh Orange
#4 Raspberry Red

There was a fourth color #1 which was a cool toned lighter pink which I decided against since those colors tend to make my warmer tones look ashy.

The packaging is very simple but it keeps it cute at the same time. I appreciate the fact that I can clearly see the color through the glass container.

Speaking of color these colors are not for the weak of heart. These are bold and pigmented.

Here you can see that the colors are just gorgeous! I almost felt bad ruining its perfection.


#2 Cherry Pink is a very vibrant neon pink that is one of those neutral brights leaning towards the cooler side but still wearable since it is so bright and playful.

#3 Fresh Orange is a beautiful orange that again is very pigmented and gives off a rich orange color to the lips. It can on occasion look like an orange red but you will see in the swatches that the color is just orange ^__^

This is what I mean by the orange looking a little red in this bright lighting. Even I can’t tell which is which O__O

 I can’t help but love how these look in their pots! I can just stare at them all day @__@


OK lets get down to what is most important….quality. These colors like I have said are pigmented so the color pay off is amazing. Below you can see (probably too many) swatches of the colors in different lighting.

As you can see there is no visible shine coming from the color yet it is not completely matte. Because there is no shine it can be a bit drying on the lips but if you moisturize your lips beforehand then there shouldn’t be a problem.

If you use a light hand then these colors can just give you a wash of color which is great if you just want a tint on your lips of cheeks. I haven’t tried these as blushers yet but I am looking forward to it.

I would agree with all these claims 🙂

Aerial shot of the ones I got.

Last but not least, price. For 8,000 won each (roughly $8) you can’t go wrong.

If you have an innisfree near you and are looking for an affordable color base then get these great bright colors.


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