Alphabet Letter Craft- R is for Rainbow

Every week my class of 7 year olds does an Alphabet Letter craft. 
This week we did “R is for Rainbow“.

I found this on  blog after searching Pinterest for ideas. It looks really hard to make but wasn’t all that difficult. It just took a lot of preparing.

You need: 

  1. Sheets of Construction Paper (as many as needed, in the colors of the rainbow you chose)
  2. White Sheet of Construction Paper
  3. Letter R Stencil
  4. Elmers Glue
  5. Craft Cuter 

First trace the letter R onto the white construction paper. Then cut a good amount of strips of colored construction paper.

Now you can either cut out the stenciled R and past the strips on that or keep the paper whole with the R on it and then cut out the R. Both ways are easy.

Liberally apply glue to the R.

Then start placing the strips starting with red until you go through all the colors and then start again as necessary.

Once once you have done that its time to cut!
Cut around the R on the flipside of the paper if you decided to keep it whole. If you already cut out your R then just snip the ends. 
Using a craft cutter flip the R and cut along the outline on the back. 
Then you are done!

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