December Crafts and DIY #1 Reuse Old Puzzles

Craft 1 Reuse Puzzles-2

I am determined to start some DIY, crafting, and baking projects in December. I am back home and there are no excuses now. Sorry, Korea.

This idea seriously just came to me as I was sitting in front of my laptop. I’m sure its been done but here is my take on it.

This cute little painting on a puzzle could be given as a gift whole or take apart, put in a box and then reassembled (which I think is a fun idea!)

Craft 1 Reuse Puzzles

You need:

Put together parts of a puzzle (as big as you want your painting canvas to be. I used a rather small one)

Acrylic Paint

Paint brushes

Let’s begin!

Make sure to protect the surface you are working on with some lining. I took some old sheets of white printer paper and taped it to my table counter.

First thing is to paint the base or backdrop of our puzzle canvas with our color of choice. I chose brown. Make sure your acrylic paint is of a thicker consistency or else it will take forever to dry.

Craft 1 Reuse Puzzles-3

Craft 1 Reuse Puzzles-4

Once that is dry use other colors and a thinner brush to make your masterpiece. I wrote my dog’s name on it ^^

When it completely dries, feel free to break apart or to keep it in place I would paint the back over with some clear liquid glue.

And then your done!

Craft 1 Reuse Puzzles-5

Craft 1 Reuse Puzzles-6


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