DIY: Glow in the Dark Jar Lamp

My sister and I made these Pinterest inspired Glow-in-the-dark Jars. We filled them with inexpensive color lights which we bought from Amazon (here is the link).


The jar was purchased at Walmart for little under $3 and the glow in the dark paint was also under $2 at Walmart. This was a little tedious but the work paid off. My sister and I worked as a duo so it was a lot less hard work.

Make sure to work in on a surface that you won’t mind being covered in glitter or glue. We placed pieces of white printer paper over our table and worked on top of that.

The idea is simple. Decorate the outside or inside of the jar with glow in the dark paint. Make any design you like. We just dotted the jar with green, yellow, orange, and pink paint. Then let it dry. Apply another coat of the paint. Once that is done, you must let your paint jar “charge” in light. We used sunlight but I heard that lamp light also does the trick.


You can also use loose glitter and Modge Podge to decorate the exterior or lid of the jar. Simply spread a layer of the Modge Podge and sprinkle it with glitter until completely covered. Once it is dry you can seal it with clear nail polish to prevent glitter fall-out.

When everything is completely dry simply insert the lights! Make sure to have batteries handy so the lights can function. Then you are done!

This lamp casts a really cool star like effect on the ceiling and is a great ambiance light.


Simply the jar without the lights could also be a great decoration. ^_^


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