Product Review/Impression: Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse Foundation

Stay Matte 1

Let me put it out there: I have oily skin. When I say oily I don’t just mean my t-zone, I mean my whole face. I know many people suffer from the same kind of thing TT_TT. This makes our search for the perfect or at least workable foundation all the harder. I still haven’t found it.

But last week I decided to try out this new foundation by Rimmel which just by reading the title I had to give it a try. It is called “Stay Matte” and from that title you can only hope for the best. And to be honest I really like it! It claims all day oil control which of course is not true but for the first couple of hours, I would say like 3 or 4 it looks pretty darn good!

It is light weight, it feels amazing although watch out for any dry patches you might have because it will make them standout. I was very impressed and I have been wearing it all week.

I tried it with and without a powder. For a very oily girl this foundation without a powder gives a very natural matte finish that gradually became a natural finish…in short, you need a powder. Now if you are normal to combination you don’t.

With a powder I looked completely shine free for hours which is great in a drug store foundation, especially since it doesn’t feel cakey.

Stay Matte Back

These are the claim and I would say they are spot on. I didn’t try it with the accompanying Stay Matte powder because I couldn’t find my shade and the store but I am looking forward to trying that combo.

To set this foundation I have used both the Laura Mercier Powder foundation and a random korean pore refining powder which serves as a setting powder and both worked great.

This is me after a couple of hours, as you can see there is shine but it was at the point where my skin just looks like a natural dewy which didn’t bother me. Although soon after this I needed to blot or powder.


This shade was not completely 100% spot on but it was better than the shade after it. There was not a great shade selection but with the right powder I think you can make it work.


Give it a try it is super inexpensive I got it from K-mart for something between $5-$6 which is amazing since a little product goes a long way.

-With love,



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