Pretty Things for Spring 2014

Spring 2014 Want.001

1. Lace Dress 2. Rose Gold Watch 3. Floral Scarf 4. Ambient Lighting Blush 5. Airbrush Foundation

Spring is almost here! In Florida that means summer has already hit. I have been surfing the web and I have found a couple of things that have caught my eye. Coral seems to be a trend in my spring 2014 “wants”, but then again what a perfect color for the warmer seasons.

I am not much of a blush person however I have seen and swatched the Hourglass Ambient Blushes found that they were gorgeous but kinda all looked the same on me except for the extremely light color which didn’t show up and the darker shade which I also liked.  As for this foundation,  I  recently saw two youtubers use that foundation and it gave them the most flawless finish and of course that made WANT.

I threw in a couple of accessories that will serve as inspiration considering that they are out of my price range. Rose gold and a florally multi color patter, how could you go wrong!

Here’s to a healthy and happy spring~

With love,



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